Tips to Prepare Your Home For the Spring Buying Season

gartengestaltung-vorgarten-dekorieren-gestalten-schön-ästhetisch-fußwegIf you’re deciding to sell your home this spring, it’s best to get a jump start now. Traditionally, the spring buying and selling season begins to pick up mid-January, but this year the market never slowed down. January and February have seen some of the highest levels of activity in years since the housing market recovery. Today, a large majority of buyers are young and want a home that is in perfect condition, it’s called the “HGTV effect.” Here are a few tips for selling your home successfully this coming spring.

Fix all the small stuff now. You may feel like the minor issues are not a problem now, but eventually, the buyer is going to have an inspection done on your home. Your buyer may be turned off if too many problems arise during the inspection. They may feel as if they are buying a lemon and eventually change their mind about your home.

Depersonalize your home. Your home is your sanctuary and you love to display your life, but buyers want to envision themselves living in your home. This doesn’t mean you have to remove all your family photos, but limit them to a decent amount. Remove or put away any trophies, awards, or religious decor items, and strive for a clean, simple look.

Freshen up your decor. Some people hire stagers while some are against it. Remember, staging a home is cheaper than a price reduction. Today, many sellers are baby boomers while buyers are millennials. There is a generation difference, so the wallpaper and heavy drapes that you love may not be well received by the younger buying market. Also, try replacing bulbs with higher wattage to give a more modern and lighter look to your home.

Increase curb appeal. Most buyers will drive by your home or look at photos online before they even request a tour. You want your home looking it’s best so that potential buyers fall in love with it before they even walk through the door. Start by cleaning up the landscape. Trim any overgrown bushes and trees and add mulch around the inground plants to create a more polished look. You can also increase curb appeal by updating the house numbers, the mailbox, and painting the front door. Also, make sure you home is well lit in case any prospective buyers drive by at night.