Outside Fire Pits For Any Backyard

A fire pit is a fun and simple way to create an outdoor space perfect for entrainment. Firepits are a great commodity that can be used year round by roasting marshmallows in the summer and huddling around it for warmth in the winter.  They can be purchased from home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes or built by yourself, but tailored to any yard.


(Photo credit: Littlethings.com)

These homeowners decided the focal point of their backyard would be their fire pit. Decorated with lights, this chic backyard pit is perfect for any summer festivity.


(Photo credit: Luxxu)

These homeowners decided their fire pit would make a great addition to their yard by creating a small area  for it. This is a great way to incorporate a fire pit without dedicating your whole yard to it.


(Photo credit: houzz.com)

This square pit is perfect for cocktails around the fire while the meat is barbaqued. These homeowners found the perfect spot in their yard without creating a home space for it.


(photo credit: decohoms.com)

This unique pit was built below ground level, using the edges for seating. This may take a bit more work, but it is a fun way to peek your guests’ interest.



(Photo credit: ciaonewportbeach.blogspot.com)

While fire pits are great for warm summer nights, backyard fireplaces add a level of luxury. While not all yards are built for these, getting creative in where to install them will prove to be beneficial. Perfect for day or night use, outdoor fireplaces are beautiful whether they are in use or not.