6 Kitchen Trends That Will Get Your Home Sold Fast

The kitchen is the most important room in a home – sell the kitchen to the buyer and you’ll sell the home. Full kitchen renovations are not always necessary and don’t always result in the highest return. In most cases, your kitchen doesn’t need renovations, just a few updates. Buyers love trendy features that make the home look like a stylish place to live.


1. Subway Tile

If the only thing you update is the backsplash, you’ll transform your whole kitchen.  According to Zillow, homes that feature subway tiles sell for 13 percent more and about 60 days more quickly than homes without.


2. Try Two Tones

Two-tone cabinets are another trend that buyers love. Try gray and white or navy and blue – neutral tones mixed with wood finishes are also a great pairing.


3. Farm It Out

Stainless steel sinks are being replaced with apron-front farmhouse sinks are as they tend to create an immediate focal point and project an illusion of a higher priced kitchen. Zillow also reports that homes with farmhouse sinks can sell for eight percent more than those without.


4. Granite Countertops

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Zillow also found that listings touting the word “quartz” corresponded with a six percent sales premium. Granite countertops saw a boost too, though a lesser one at four percent. Still, homes with granite-topped counters sold 38 days sooner than those with less coveted surfaces, especially laminate.


5. Eat In

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almost 70 percent of homeowners surveyed by Houzz are planning or recently completed kitchen renovations that incorporate a place to eat, with 25 percent adding an actual dining table. Removing a non-load bearing wall to accommodate a table and chairs can be a cost-effective upgrade.

6. Open Floor Plans

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Last year’s Kitchen Trends Survey by Houzz found that homeowners prefer seamless transitions between living spaces and the kitchen. Almost half of renovating homeowners are opening up their kitchens to other interior spaces and 18 percent are opening them up to adjacent outdoor areas.