4 Important Things Home Sellers Often Forget To Do


Even if you haven’t sold a home before, you can guess there is a lot of work that goes into the process. From maintenance on the home to finding an agent, it’s no wonder so many things fall through the cracks. Here is a list of the most important to-dos that most sellers forget to do:

1. Google your address

Not all sellers search the internet to see what people are saying about their property or neighborhood, but they should. You should be aware of your online listing so you can further understand buyer’s concerns. Don’t forget to look at your home on Google Maps so you can see if there are any updates you may want to include in your description if they don’t show up.

2. Insist on social media marketing

After you’ve staged your home, picked competitive price, and listed it, it’s time you marketed on social media. Video tours, floor plans, and photos are a must do if you want to sell your home in 2017.

3. Clean everywhere inside

Potential buyers are going to be a bit nosey, as they should be. They will be looking inside closets, ovens, cabinets, even refrigerators. If they are not clean now, they should be by the time of the viewing. Even if you’ve cleaned every surface to a shine, you’re not done until you’ve cleaned every corner, small space, and inch of your home.

4. Account for improvements and issues

If you’ve lived in your home for a while, make a list of improvements and issues you have fixed. This includes flood damage, flooding in the basement, and chimney fires. Whether you solved the problem or not you should disclose the information to the buyers so you don’t wind up with a lawsuit post sale.